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Fullbody Character Sheet
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Thank you for choosing my commission service.

Accept: Cute girl aged 9 to 25 years, eastern furry/kemono, and half-human race (kemono and some race may charge higher). Accept newly design or redesign for USD 10-25, but must paid upfront.

Not accept: Bara, extreme detail, and male chara. Since this is a character sheet, it is impossible to put R-18 and gore things here.

Rules and Specs:
4320 x 7620px 700dpi; 7 days approx. waiting time; 7x max revision; Simple BG only; Basic pose; Add on price at my terms, second character needs separate purchase.

You get front and back one, 3 accessory detail, 3 suitable expressions, and a bio

Any question/detail may followed on tracker.

client reviews


April 17 2021

I ask for a Rick Roll with an anime character, and never expect the final result to be so good. I give a really simple design and concept as a reference and the artist gimme a really well-made piece. 10/10 I would commission again


April 14 2021

Very fast and effective


February 07 2021

With great communication and artistic talent, it's been a pleasure working with them. The result is an amazing piece of artwork. Definitely worth the price and painless as well.


December 12 2020

Great artist to work with and excellent communication.

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The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 0 clients thus far.

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