HQ Anime Characters Drawing
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HQ Anime Characters Drawing

Last Active: 1 month ago

Updated Price List
(1) Headshot to Bust-up: $26
(2) Half-body to Knees-up: $45
(3) Fullbody: $78
(4) + Detailed Background: +$27

I will draw
Your OC, or fanart
Female, male, muscular human, loli, mid-ages human
Slightly nudity (like bikini or underwear..)

I will not draw

(1) Canvas size range from A4 to 4K
(2) Files will be delivered in .PNG format and 300 DPI
(3) Please change status to "Paid" first before I start working on it ^^
(4) I work fulltime at 8 am - 5 pm on weekdays
(5) Estimated turnaround time for 1 character is 5-7 days (and it depends on how many jobs I've taken atm)
(6) Max revisions is 2x
(7) For Personal Use Not Commercial Use

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 2 clients thus far.

client reviews


October 13 2020

Absolutely wonderful work, highly recommend! Very friendly too!


August 28 2020

Very great artist, absolutely talented


August 27 2020

Very skilled Artist!


August 24 2020

The artist did a very good job creating what I wanted in the style I was looking for. Requests for minor changes/tweaks were also accommodated, which was nice. However, while the slot had an estimate of 5 days for completion, this commission took close to two months to finally finish. The artist informed me of some unfortunate real-life delays, which I can fully understand. But I usually heard about them after silence for weeks at a time. If you are looking for something in the style that is shown in the sample art for this commission slot, the final result will do a good job of giving you what you want. However, I strongly recommend tempering your expectations for how quickly the piece will be completed.


August 19 2020

Art took some time, a little longer than what I would have liked but the art was well done and the artist was nice.


July 08 2020

Very great artist, easy communication and beautiful style, many thanks


July 03 2020

Absolutely beautiful quality! Really need to raise your prices!!!


June 17 2020

They did a really great job on my final fantasy xiv character!


May 22 2020

10/10 hope to com again


April 25 2020

Beautiful art, very kind and fast!

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