Colored Headshot
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Colored Headshot

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Colored Headshot commission

  • Comes with a free simple Background as shown on the example.

  • Reference MUST be provided.

  • You'll have three WIPs to make changes and observations.

Will Do:
Fanart / OC's / Anthro / Creatures / Animals / NSFW (If need samples let me know!) / ask me if yours isn't here!

Won't Do:
Mecha / Gore (I'm OK with skeletons, or undead characters though!) / Robots

Backgrounds: + $10 (May vary depending on complexity)

Extra Character: + $10 (May vary depending on complexity)

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 6 clients thus far.

client reviews


October 01 2020

Another beautiful piece completed by Valq and I love it! This artist is definitely my go to for all future commissions of my OC! I absolutely love the art and the artist is wonderful in every way :) Thank you so much DieValq!


September 21 2020

DieValquiria is fantastic, patient, and extreamely talented; I have already pre-ordered another comission before I even saw the finished product of my current one because the word they do is outstanding from the early stages right the way through. They're great with making edits, very patient with me (and me being a pain in the bum) and they're so so friendly and vocal, always willing to give WIPs and generally a joy to work with. This definitely won't be the last time I work with them, not even close! Thank you so so much DieValquiria; I love what you've done and I can't wait to work with you many more times ^^ <3


August 11 2020

Amazing job, and great communication. I will be commissioning again in the future!


August 11 2020

They took the amount of time they had indicated, and were incredibly helpful and understanding throughout the entire process. They're wonderful at communicating and are open to dialog about the art piece!


August 02 2020

Quick and really easy to work with. Efficient, well priced, and much more important, very friendly. I will absolutely be working with them again!


July 24 2020

They had so much patience and did a fantastic job. I can’t wait to commission them again. Utterly a fantastic artist and a great person. ^^


July 19 2020

Wonderful work as always!


July 09 2020

Wonderful work!


June 30 2020

Wonderful to work with!


June 18 2020

Fantastic art, artist is prompt and attentive. Excellent to do business with! Will definitely commission again!

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