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The art for my icon was done by Oshienai



Artists I have in mind, currently (in no particular order)





I look through every single artist who submits proposals to my job listings- even those who contact me over private messages. I will have looked through all of your linked social media as well as your portfolios- if you have one- so don't worry, I haven't missed a thing!

I'm the type of client who likes to stick with an artist I know will deliver precisely what I'm looking for. Even better if they're lovely folks-- like Astaroth, for example, or Uruchiha.



I am a writer who likes to commission artists for characters that I am writing for or have written-- because I can't do it myself. Thank you kindly in advance for taking the time to bring my characters to life.

Want to take a look at one of my more active characters? You can find her along with outstanding artwork done by artists here on Artists&Clients on the following site:

If I place your artwork on my character's carrd, you will ALWAYS be credited for your work. I will ALWAYS link back to your social media to hopefully attract more clients your way!