Lineart + Flat Color
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Lineart + Flat Color

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Lineart and flat colors of any character of your choosing. You can choose whether or not to have the dot overlay. I may send multiple versions and have you which one you like best.

Each additional character will be $5.

If interested, please send me a reference* or description, afterwards I will send a rough sketch and if anything needs change I will do so and I will move on to line arting and then finally coloring.

*Please read my terms for what I will or will not draw, thanks!

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 13 clients thus far.

client reviews


May 14 2019

Very good artist


April 27 2019

The artist was very friendly and worked with all I had really well!


April 20 2019

Listened to every change I suggested and did his best to bring my character to life.


March 20 2019

Wonderful art! Very great representation of my character! I would definitely get more art from Katon!


January 19 2019

Wait was a little lengthier then expected due to unexpected circumstances. Nonetheless the artist has persevered and was able to deliver. Really loved the final product <3


January 18 2019

Lovely job!


November 26 2018

Very receptive of my feedback and tried their hardest to satisfy my wishes for the work at hand.


November 05 2018

Very easy to work with, extremely fast, and very skilled.


October 03 2018

Very easy to work with and friendly!


August 08 2018

Excellent work

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