Game Assets & Design
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Game Assets & Design

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Prices are negotiable, depends on details and complexity of the assets.

Open for any genre/style. Including intricate designs like the sample to the left.

Anyway, these are the prices for items in the picture to the left, to picture what to expect at what price

  • Icon sets (all these orbs) -- $5 per set
  • Button sets (three rectangles at the top) -- $5 per set
  • Dialog/window box sets(vertical rectangle to the right) --$10 per set
  • Layouting/border design (bottom right) --$10
  • [SPECIAL] Card design (these three cards) -- $10, variants of the same design is $5 each (different color for different card type).

I think that's all. Feel free to message me if there are questions about these.

Many thanks,

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 0 clients thus far.

client reviews


October 29 2020

Stunning work, Victor is exceptionally helpful in providing different options during the draft and colouring phase to pick and choose from and was more than willing to work with my own takes on what he'd already presented. Adore the way it turned out and will be recommending in future!


October 21 2020

Amazing to work with well worth the wait for the final product


September 25 2020

Great artist to work with and kept me updated even despite rl issues, A++


June 29 2020

Vic was awesome to work with. Fast, regular updates throughout, and gave plenty of opportunities for feedback. Great experience, would definitely commission again!

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