Fanart Anime Style
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Fanart Anime Style

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Hi all

today I made a FullBody offer, ^^

I will draw the character with the pose you want, and of course FullBody FullColor , Simple Background > <

Explain to me all the details I need to get started, and feel free to ask me

I'll Do

  • Female / Male
  • Kemonomimi is Ok
  • Simple Bg
  • Original Character
  • Game Character
  • Dakimakura ><
  • Event Theme <3

I'll do your order as best I can, Thank you very much

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 8 clients thus far.

client reviews


November 16 2020

Amazing service!


November 08 2020

Great, thank you


November 08 2020

A treat to work with jsut like last time can only recomend <3


November 01 2020

Great work and good communication. Would definitely recommend.


November 01 2020

Great work, thank you


October 29 2020

Really Really understanding with all my requests and edits during the process, I'm surprised they didn't drop my annoying ass as a client. Easily one of the most patient and cooperative artists I've ever worked with.


October 28 2020

Great artist, very professional. Would recommend


October 27 2020

Nice and delivered just what I needed!


October 24 2020

Fast replys.


October 22 2020

Very fast and lovely work!

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