Full Colored (Flats)
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Full Colored (Flats)

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Note: Please send me a first for inquiries before opening a job to avoid unnecessary cancellations, thank you!

Optional additions:

  • Additional characters are priced at half the base price, so $17.50 per character


  • Please specify the cropping you want (bust/waist up/full body)
  • Final outputs are not limited to the styles seen in the sample image
  • Prices can be discussed depending on the complexity
  • Estimated turnaround depends on the client's response time, but any possible delays that may occur will always be mentioned beforehand
  • Delivery time adjusts based on complexity, the number of revisions, and aforementioned delays.

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 77 clients thus far.

client reviews


January 25 2020

Artist delivered a high quality piece in a reasonable time frame. :) There were slight delays but they were fully justified, so this wasn't an issue.


December 01 2019

I’ve commissioned her for 4 projects at this point. I’m never dissatisfied!!


November 25 2019

I will keep commissioning this lovely artist forever and ever :D


October 21 2019

Super nice artist and the final piece was amazing! Definitely will be looking to them for another commission in the future!


October 21 2019

Fabulous as always! I love commissioning this artist, and will continue doing so as long as I am able. :D


September 03 2019

Awesome to work with! Talented, professional, yet friendly.


July 21 2019

I had a very positive experience! Great quality, quick to respond to revisions, and a super kind person.


June 12 2019

Wonderfully talented, great price, and very friendly to talk with. :D


June 12 2019

Absolutely incredible! They were so very patient and receptive to the details and the modifications I asked for. Very communicative, very lovely to speak with - 10/10 would recommend Naizou!


May 22 2019

Excellent artist. Completed the sketch and revision quickly. Would definitely recommend.

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  • Rendered/Shaded
    Closed 1
  • Rough Sketch
    Rough Sketch
    Closed 4

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