Colored anime Bust up/Waist up/Fullbody
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Colored anime Bust up/Waist up/Fullbody

Last Active: 1 week ago

Prices: Discontinued.

If you have a certain artstyle you want it to look like, send examples (moe/painterly/manga/VN...).

File PNG+PSD 300dpi (2500x1800 px aprox)

Purchase includes a simple, gradient or blurred bg with simple sfx (see sample). Complex bg, sfx or additional objects (like a chair) add an additional fee based on complexity.

Very detailed characters can also add an additional fee. (Intrincate designs with many layers of clothings, accs and embroideries)

Please send me as much reference of your character, the gesture and the desired expression as you can.



NSFW (Pinups are OK)

Anthro (kemonomimi are OK)

E.T is 2-4 days for bust ups, 3-5 for thigh-ups and 3-6 for fullbodies

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 3 clients thus far.

client reviews


October 23 2020

Another incredible piece from this artist. Professional, great communicator, great art. Absolutely amazing; if you have the chance to commission them don't miss it!


September 06 2020

Stunning quality and great communication. Don't sleep on this artist!


September 02 2020

I cannot express how impressed I am with this artist. They were wonderful through the whole process, providing ample updates and reviews. I will be gushing over the piece they made for me for a loooong time.


August 25 2020

I had an amazing experience working with this artist! Very friendly, fast, and communicative, and they were very patient with any revisions I asked for. The final artwork was absolutely beautiful, and I would definitely recommend working with them!


July 09 2020

This artist did an amazing job capturing my character! They were patient, and took me through each step of the art. I'd recommend them to anyone that wants a piece! ?


July 04 2020

I am honestly astounded this artist lives and breaths the same air as I do. They are a god at the craft and I love the pic they drew for me. If you see a moment to hire this artist, don't dally! they are amazing and commutative and perfect! 306432/10 would commission again, every time


July 03 2020

great communicator and beautiful product!


March 29 2020



February 29 2020

Exceptionally quality art in multiple styles, easy to work with, good with edits and timely in arrival.

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