Coloured Bust/Headshot Illustration
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Coloured Bust/Headshot Illustration

NOTICE : All slots are currently filled. For some reason, it isn't reflecting on the page.

Note : Please feel free to ask me for recent art samples if needed as I no longer update my deviantart account.

Coloured character headshot illustration with simple or no background (PNG)

  • canvas size will be 2000x2000 px if not specified

  • drawn and coloured digitally

  • will do OCs and/or fanarts

  • no anthro please

  • head angle and expression may vary if not specified

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 32 clients thus far.

client reviews


August 20 2018

I'm fairly sure the artist had abandoned this site, and unfortunately my piece in the process. If they ever do become active, I would say their art is phenomenal, but seeing as they didn't finish some months later, and with no contact made, I'll caution anyone else who tries to commission them in the future. Also if its health reasons, I hope they're okay!


April 25 2018

So happy! The artist is immeasurably talented, very respectful and professional! Thank you so so much!


April 16 2018

An excellent turnaround time once work started.


April 11 2018

Amazing artist! Love the style.


March 21 2018

I am once again blown away by the quality of the work! Thank you so much!


March 19 2018

Fantastic style and finished product, and very pleasant to communicate with. Would absolutely recommend this artist and commission again.


March 07 2018

Wonderful, paid attention to small details, took care to make sure everything looked right. And it was wonderful work!


March 04 2018

Simply amazing, my new go to for any character art. Turn around was fast and the quality was superb. 10/10


January 18 2018

Great artist, fast and works really well with you. Love the quality.


January 15 2018

10/10, never any complaints

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