Full body drawings
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Full body drawings

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I will draw any particular couple you want, as long as it is not hentai. I specialize myself in cute colorĂ­n, yuri, shojo ai, and children books. If you have an OTP you wish you draw in cutesy little comics, I am your person >w<
Feel free to check my instagram stefanip2191
And my deviantart RachelLevitte

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 0 clients thus far.

client reviews


March 27 2020

Absolutely beautiful


March 17 2020

Excellent work and updates on progress


January 29 2020

Stefanip was a great artist. I had put up a listing with a budget and we were able to discuss something close to it that I agreed with~ I looked at her Instagram which has more of a variety of art than her samples show and they are absolutely adorable!!! She has a wide range of artistic capability and just as much originality. I really liked it that she sent me four variations (it was supposed to be three but she didn't see a message before doing the final one so did continued with my request) and let me pick which picture that I wanted. She knows her way around Pokemon and doesn't mind making it custom your liking, Stefanip worked really quickly too, I got my order within three days of it being ordered and that was constant drawing in between. I highly suggest this artist!!!!


January 20 2020

It looks so detailed and amazing!! I'm so glad we tried this out! It was pretty quick, willing to listen, lots of choices, so good!


January 11 2020

Super friendly and worked really fast. Great communication and understood what we were looking for with the few examples provided

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