Stylized Colored Sketch
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Stylized Colored Sketch

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I’m phi phi.
I can draw your favorite character or turn your favorite photos into stylized- simple colored sketch for you.

I can do almost everything. But if you're unsure, you can always ask me beforehand.

With only $15, you can have 1 character:
- full body
- full color
- simple color/ transparent background
- free 1 major revision (change pose/ clothes design, etc)
- High Resolution Image

However the prices woule depend on the complexity of the character.

I can draw everything for you. Just ask me beforehand if you still uncertain about your request.

To place your order, please message me for your order with this format:

  • short brief info about your character

  • detail information about your character's physical traits and their costume. please provide me any picture references since it will greatly help me picturing your character correctly.

  • any certain pose you'd like. please included pose references.

  • theme of your character (e.g: modern or fantasy)

  • color scheme of their costume

  • any game/ movie/ anime/ comic for your character referral

note: if you not include any text or pictures references, i assume you will given me permission to use my own interpretation and imagination based on your information.

Please read my Term of Service before send me order. I assume you have read, understand, and accept my term of service once you sent me order.

thank you very much and i am looking forward to work together with you all.

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 0 clients thus far.

client reviews


April 03 2020

Vary nice person and vary fast and amazing art so 10outa10 for the seven xD


February 19 2020

Phi-MD provides great work and will do his/her best to meet your request in the character design. There's a bit of silence between updates but he/she is will get the work to you. He/she is very receptive of the feedback given and will try to incorporate the changes you want during the revisions.


February 19 2020

I've never commissioned an artist before, so I was amazed with the quality, degree of communication, and how understanding they were of first time commissioners! Although some of the reviews say best for the budget, they're way more than just a budget pick. I'm so happy with my purchase!!! Thank you so much!!!!!


February 01 2020

Very friendly and fantastic artwork!


September 09 2019

My order was pretty simple. I want an anime version of myself but inside the costume of Deku from My Hero Academia and the way it turned out was fucking fabulous! Money well worth spent


January 03 2019



October 29 2018

The artist did a fantastic job! There was a bit of a wait, but it was absolutely worth it, and the artist was a pleasure to work with. I’ll definitely be back in the future!


September 26 2018

good work


September 20 2018

They did a great job.


September 16 2018

Phi-MD is an amazing fellow :D Their artwork is absolutely stunning, definitely worth commissioning! Easy to work with and makes all your ideas of your character possible! :Thumbsup:

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