Colored Sketch Portrait
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Colored Sketch Portrait

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Thank you so much!! <3
*Full payment first! (This price include my compensation for job + 17% fees for A&C. Please read FAQ about status) I start drawing only after payment - status ''paid''
Also if you have any questions, you can find my links (fb, discord, instagram, artstation mail) in contacts. Feel free to write me ^^ In this case price will be less.
*I usually need 10-15 days to finish sketch, sometimes more (Russian holidays in January/February and March) Also I don't work on Sundays

I accept just description, random photos from internet for references, so please don't worry if you don't have images of your characters ^^

*Sometimes i send a few different versions of commission for free (for example additional emotions ^^ so feel free to ask me about it)

The artist will most likely respond to a request within 13.7 days. This commission slot was rated positively by 500 clients thus far.

client reviews


October 29 2019

Felice is a pleasure to work with!


October 28 2019

Absolutely breathtaking work. Highly recommended!


October 14 2019

No fuss, great art. Can't ask for a more streamlined process!


September 25 2019

As good as last time, which is to say, great


September 21 2019

Love it!


September 18 2019

Awesome artist. Highly recommended! :D


September 16 2019

Felice is a wonderful artist! Very happy with the result and she was very quick to make any adjustments!


September 11 2019

An utter joy to work with! Will definitely commission again! Could not be happier!


August 31 2019

Amazing and fast to work with!


August 28 2019

So very well done! And so fast! I could not be happier with my tiefling boy. To find an artist with such range to do different races and exceptionally well at both genders. I'm awestruck.

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    Colored High-quality headshot
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    Full body illustration
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  • Shaded Sketch Headshot
    Shaded Sketch Headshot
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