Environment Design & Background Art
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Environment Design & Background Art

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Environment designs that are done digitally for settings or backgrounds usage. Photo bashing techniques may be used sometimes. The design or painting can be done either in a more realistic/ semi-realistic style or in anime style according to clients' preferences.

The difference of the details may result in the increase of the price, ranging from $5 - 50.

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 2 clients thus far.

client reviews


January 17 2021

This artist does excellent work! Their designs are detailed and gorgeous!! They are quick to make revisions and very responsive. I highly recommend them!


October 05 2020

They are an amazing artist with wonderful concepts and execution. They work hard and it shows in their stunning pieces. Would definately recommend! I am so happy with my pieces from them


September 14 2020

The artist is a delight to work with and the finished creation is of superb quality! While the artist became sick during the project, they tried their best to keep up the communication and work! (Though I would prefer it if they had a healthy rest!) Again, great artist and great art! Will buy again!


September 03 2020

Another great commission and a great experience! They've astounded me with this piece and the details that went into it. Great with communication and always willing to make needed adjustments, even though they get it spot on on the first try more or less.


August 23 2020

Great work and excellent communication! Highly recommend to anyone!


August 21 2020

I seriously cannot recommend working with this artist enough. I'm a returning customer, and every time I've worked with them, I've had a wonderful experience! They are very kind and open to feedback, and the art they produce is amazing, exceeding my expectations every time. Definitely one of the best experiences I've ever had working with an artist!


August 05 2020

Very understanding and helpful even when work is piled up but Yuu gets the job down respectively! Although I realized he was underpricing himself, he did took the initiative to raise them which I was expecting because for that amount of quality he delivers is what pulled my attention to commission him in the first place. <3


July 20 2020

Friendly, competent, communicative and truly gifted. You can see all the hard work of practice and passion in every line. I have had a thoroughly positive experience and will consider to commission this artist again.


July 13 2020

Very responsive artist with quality art striking a fine balance between western and eastern styles! Was able to deliver on art I wasn't sure many others could do well. YUU is also open to edits and changes you may have.


June 28 2020

I really enjoyed working with YUU and would /highly/ recommend this artist to anyone!

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