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  • $ 22.00 base price
  • 2-3 weeks estimated turnaround
  • 10 / 10 available
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The artist will most likely respond to a request within 1.8 days. This commission slot was rated positively by 36 clients thus far.

bubachan describes this slot:

an headshot with simple background


Dovah writes:


MrBudd writes:

I really enjoyed working with them, they were nice the whole way through. I kept getting updates after every two weeks, and enjoyed checking in. They're flexible in what they'll do. I ordered 5 characters and asked for a wallpaper canvas, I felt like i was pushing it, but they were friendly and were OK with it throughout the whole thing. Relatively OK on pricing, a bit expensive for more than 1 character, but generally worth it if you want some good art. Would recommend. 88/100

Drunk-Otter writes:

An amazing artist. Great to work with and put a lot of attention into details

aajaxxx writes:

Good job

cuddlepuppy writes:


Khrysalis writes:

I am absolutely satisfied. The artist was patient and accommodating. My drawing is excellent. I couldn't be more pleased.

kimotska writes:

Work is excellent and artist is very patient. Would definitely recommend!

rokcet writes:

Took more than a bit of time but the results were fantastic.

GreenGavial writes:


SpaceCocaine writes:

Completely understanding and compromising on any and all bumps along the road of the project, and an incredibly cute style to boot! Highly recommend to those searching for a style such as hers.

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