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Greetings :) This is a slot for the creatures only.

Your description should always contain:

  • creature brief (personality; body type: thin/bulky/..; etc.);
  • preferable colours;
  • references of what do you have in mind;
  • what kind of impression should this creature give the viewer?

I'm starting work once you’ve updated the commission to paid.

client reviews


May 17 2022

An absolutely lovely artist to work with - and astounding quality in every little stroke!


May 13 2022

Gengi makes perfect pictures in one go.


April 27 2022

Amazing artist who provides incredible art style not quite easily sought online. Patient and very communicative.


February 07 2022

How do you give an artist more than 5 stars? Gengi is fantastic and easy to work with. Ideas flow back and forth and the end result is simply fantastic. I am very, very happy with my commission and ended up with a piece of art for my OC far beyond what I expected. Gengi was able to convey through art what I could only convey through words, so for that and the quality of art I want to give an extra star! ***** +*

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  • character/creature bust
    Closed 28
  • rough sketch
    Closed 17
  • Full character
    Closed 36
  • ink sketches

The artist will most likely respond to a request within 5.1 days. This commission slot was rated positively by 9 clients thus far.

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