YCH Couple
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YCH Couple

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YCH Couples

"YCH" mean: "Your character here". Is a type of commission using poses I already made ^^

Please provide the following info:

1) Number of the pose.

2) Send all the information about your characters. (+images references)

3) Eyes opened or closed?

4) Which character on the left / right?

5) The name of the characters to add it on the flag.

- For change the flowers/flag will be +5/10 usd.

- For private commission : 35% more.

- Prices only for personal use.

- Characters body must fix the model.

- You can't ask for modify the poses.

- You will receive also a version with only characters in transparent background.

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 116 clients thus far.

client reviews


August 04 2020

Highly recommended! Easy to work with, very skillful and very polite.


July 26 2020

I can not speak more highly of this artist. They were polite, kind, fast working, and their completed work is phenomenal!! The entire experience was a joy and I would absolutely hire them again.


July 03 2020

AMAZING! Absolutely terrific artist and very responsive to requests/changes. Filled out all of my requests to a T. Perfect artwork as well.


July 03 2020

Super prompt, gorgeous art, and completed all of requests about the art perfectly. 100% would commission again.


June 30 2020

One of my favorite artists on Artists & Clients. She does wonderful work and is so easy to communicate with! I've got three pieces from her already and I definitely want to get more in the future.


June 16 2020

the artist is friendly and the art's worth the wait as it turns out really great than what I would expect it to be// would commission again when possible!


June 15 2020

The wait was well worth it. The artist made sure to keep me updated on everything, with their slots rapidly filling up, and made sure I was kept updated on each and every step.


June 15 2020

Second time commissioning. Was not disappointed with the result. There's a wait list but once my turn came up, they finished it quite fast!


June 08 2020

Absolutely wonderful to work with! The finished product was beautiful and was very communicative. Will definitely commission from again ^^


June 04 2020

You get what you pay for and Lovedreams is well worth the cost BY A LONG SHOT. I don't think I've ever gotten a commission that I was more wowed by in my entire time ordering them. Largely due to just how absolutely fantastic they were able to capture the exact emotion I was going for with minimal input from myself, I gave them quite a bit of free reign and asked for something cute with specific characters and boy did I get it! 12/10 will 100% order again!

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