Quick Colored Illustration
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Quick Colored Illustration

Last Active: 6 months ago

Quick doodle sketch of any character! (1 character, additional characters cost more :o )

Will be colored, and somewhat lined/inked, as in the sample.

price may vary as base price is mostly for waists or bust ups, upon my preference.

You can request for a full body, etc. but price will change:

  • fullbody: + $15
  • additional character: (for waist up: + $20; for full body: + $ 25)
  • background: + $20
  • accompanying animal/creature/items: + $8

A lot of details/specifics also may -possibly- make the price go up but that's only if it's a lot of details :0 !

Additionally, once the sketch/inks are approved, no major revisions to the drawing itself may be done! Colors, of course, + tiny adjustments are definitely possible though!

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 27 clients thus far.

client reviews


November 15 2019

Incredibly wonderful to work with! They are patient, skilled, and absolutely talented! I would 100% commission them again in the future! You HAVE to commission them! If you’re scrolling through listings and are being uncertain, STOP RIGHT HERE AND COMMISSION THEM!!!!


October 21 2019

it has been way too long since i commissioned Larynth last and I needed to fix that~ I love their work as always!


May 19 2019

Very kind artist who finished not one but two characters in a timely manner. Would always recommend with such a beautiful art style!


May 10 2019

Very nicely done! My partner and I love it


May 09 2019

The artist did a fantastic job! I would absolutely commission them again.


April 30 2019

The job was completed with relative speed and exactly to my specifications. Working with this artist has been a wonderful experience and I can not be more happy with the result.


February 12 2019

Nice work!


February 06 2019

<3 Solid recommendation by friends, will certainly commission her again.


January 30 2019

Her art is GORGEOUS and she works so timely! Give her all your money, she deserves it more than you!


January 26 2019

I love it !!!!

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