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OPEN COMMISSION Anime/manga illust
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Before i draw, we both have to agree on the rules, right? so here are the rules

I will draw

  1. Female
  2. Loli
  3. slightly ecchi stuff

I will not draw

  1. Adult stuff (R-18, gore, full nude etc)
  2. furries (sorry)
  3. Yaoi (you know, that gay stuff)

The price could change depend on additonal extras such as:

  1. add extra character: +$10

What will you get from commissioning me?

  1. 3/4 hal body illustration
  2. you could choose between transparent background or simple background
  3. It will be on A4 Canvas

How to send your character/ pose references?

You could send it to [email protected] or give me the link to your ref


  1. Work time is around 3-7 days, depends on commission type and your respond
  2. I will show you the sketch first, if you ok with the sketch i will start lining and color it after you paid the commission (full price)
  3. After im done with the base color i will send you the preview. so, if there are any mistake you can see it before i really finished it
  4. I will give you 2 revisions before i finish it
  5. I will send you the finished drawing by email.

For more of my portfolio, you could see it here

where could you contact me?

[email protected]

client reviews


February 28 2019

great artist


December 23 2018

Quick work with good quality. Listened to what I said and did their work well!


September 23 2018

Product left me satisfied and the overall interactions with the artists were overwhelmingly positive!

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