B&W Manga Style
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B&W Manga Style

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PLEASE read my terms and conditions before request a commission!

all prices:

Bust: 25 USD
+ Size of the file: A5 - 2039 x 2894 px
+Resolution: 350 dpi.
+Extra character: 18 USD

Halfbody: 35 USD
+ Size of the file: A5 - 2039 x 2894 px
+Resolution: 350 dpi.
+Extra character: 26 USD

Fullbody: 45 USD
+ Size of the file: A4 - 2894 x 4093 px
+Resolution: 350 dpi.
+Extra Character: 34 USD

+ Simple: 10 USD
+Complex: 18 USD

Pattern Background
+ 6 USD

+ Small: 7 USD
+ Big: 12 USD

Armor and Complex Design:
+ 15 USD

This is a little guideline to make a commission request. Is not necessary to use, but it can be really useful to make a clear idea of what you want.

?I have read the terms and conditions and I agree with them.
?Type of commission[fullbody/haflbody/chibi]:
?Reference(s) of the character:
?Background (yes/no):
?Other (like pets or any important detail):

•We do Originals Characters, Fanarts, Cannon Characters, shounen-ai, shoujo-ai, and more! (If what you want is not on the list, ask me is not it annoyance).
•We do not do extreme gore, porn, NSFW art, homofobic art, racist art or any other type of art that can be consider offensive.

If you have doubts, please send me a messege and I'll answer all your questions!

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 4 clients thus far.

client reviews


February 25 2020

I swear. I keep coming back, and I keep getting phenomenal work each time! I adore working with them, too!


February 17 2020

They were fantastic to work with and updated me every step along the way!


February 04 2020

Very good quality!


February 01 2020

Very communicative and amazing art, my second time commissioning them and they are amazing as always! I will be back again thank you so much!


January 04 2020

A++ TMAyala was very professional, always showing progress and asking if anything needed fixing. Fantastic experience, artist is wonderful to work with! Highly recommend!


December 29 2019



December 29 2019

This is probably the fifth or sixth time I've commissioned Ayala, and its turned out amazing once again!


December 26 2019

Always spot on


October 09 2019

Still the best !


October 05 2019

Works quickly, open to suggestions and changes, and very humble. I cannot recommend this artist enough :)

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