[STYLE A] B&W artwork
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[STYLE A] B&W artwork

Last Active: 9 months ago

Available in 3 types:

  • Bust up: $25/character

  • Half body: $30/character

  • Full body: $50/character

What I do:
+ Child-Adult people
+ Light armor and weapons
+ Animal and other creatures' features (as long it's still humanoid)
+ Detailed outfit
+ Straight/GL/BL interaction
+ Ecchi
+ Gore
+ Simple BG and patterns/ornaments

What I don't do:
- Old people
- Full anthro/furry
- Mecha and tokusatsu suits
- Vehicles
- Complicated BG

When ordering, please give me:

  • Reference and description of the character or person you want me to draw.

  • Preferred vibe, expression and pose

  • Background: color /white /transparent /other (with additional price)

  • Canvas type : portrait/ landscape/ square

The standard artwork will be in A4 canvas size and 300 dpi resolution.

(updated) Extra prices:

  • Additional character: Base price + additional details (if any)

  • Character design: Base price x 2

  • Detailed clothes: $5-$10 (depends on detail)

  • Additional item (weapons, etc.): $5-$10 (depends on detail)

  • Background: $20-$30

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 3 clients thus far.

client reviews


June 29 2019

Great job as usual, stunning piece of art


March 26 2019

Artist was super easy to work with and their Style B is incredibly cute!


February 21 2019

Artist was amazingly quick, very very responsive, and just has a really, really good anime-esque style. Honestly one of my favorite pieces I've ever gotten.


February 01 2019

I can not say enough good things about working with detourn. A joy to work with, fair pricing communicated through each step of the process as well as addressing concerns and making alterations in a timely manner.


October 23 2018

Another wonderful piece of art from the artist, delivered quickly as well. Always a pleasure to work with ~


September 21 2018

Incredibly friendly and polite throughout the entire process. They were spot on with what I imagined and asked of them, and delivered an amazing product, while even taking the time to make minor adjustments after inquiry - would definitely commission again!


July 17 2018

The piece came out absolutely stunning and was finished really quickly! There were some changes we made in the process but the artist was very open and communicative! Definitely one of the most pleasant artists you can hope to deal with! <3


July 13 2018

Splendid art ~ Always a pleasure to work with such an artist, works so well and fast, answers fast ... What one could ask for more ?


July 06 2018

Good overall quality and done fast. Just make sure you know exactly what you're looking for since as in the artist's terms, you only get so many revisions during the sketch phase. No complaints.


June 22 2018

The art we got is absolutely gorgeous, the artist was a pure pleasure to deal with - very kind, understanding and nice - and it was finished way ahead of the time frame, which is already crazy short for the quality of art you get! Absolutely recommended! <3

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