Colored Chibi
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Colored Chibi

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-One Full Color Chibi
-Choice of a Plain Color Background or
Transparent Background -Color Swatches

Please Include
1- Your pose
2- Visual reference
3- Your backdrop preference

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 7 clients thus far.

client reviews


March 20 2020

A wonderful experience. Fast, detailed, creative and quick with updates and communication.


March 06 2020

Excellent work and extremely fast!


March 06 2020

Very good work, very accommodating, asks questions. Highly recommended!


February 25 2020

fantastic artist to work with, thank you as always!


February 13 2020

as always, such a great artist with great communication! thank you so much


February 01 2020

second time commissioning and they were just as good as the first time! i love this artist and their communication as well as how quick they are. highly recommended and thank you again!


January 29 2020

absolutely phenomenal art and great communication. the sketch was good from the getgo but i liked that i had the option to change things before they went final. very great artist--will definitely be back!


January 23 2020

The artist did a really good job on the design of my character.


October 24 2019

I had a seven-person commission, the most ambitious I've done in my time commissioning artists and I have never been so impressed by someone's hard work and timely updates! There were some delays due to life throwing lemons but it was a great experience getting to go through this journey with the artist. I would highly recommend them to anyone!


September 26 2019

Absolutely gorgeous! Great quality, did exactly what I wanted / asked. Was patient & very communicative. Definitely recommend & will come back again!

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