Full Body Character Portrait
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Full Body Character Portrait

Last Active: 2 months ago

  • Full body character illustration (OC or fanart character)

  • lower prices available for portrait, bust or half-body

  • +$20 for more detailed background

  • nsfw and furry is okay!

The artist will most likely respond to a request within 3.6 days. This commission slot was rated positively by 10 clients thus far.

client reviews


March 18 2020

Absolutely excellent quality work, very kind as well. Process took a little longer than expected but, since it wasn't an urgent request by any means this is fine!


September 19 2019

Very kind, worked much faster than I could have ever expected and his art is of amazing quality! He listened and implemented all the changes that we asked for and he managed to pull the loose ideas we had for our characters into images. Absolutely amazing work! :)


August 10 2019

Excellent work. Quick and exactly what I was looking for.


July 30 2019

Friendly person coming with a great sense for what one is looking for. Brief descriptions were more than enough to get a wonderful piece of art done and I really do recommend to give this one a try!


August 23 2018

The artist did an incredible job bringing a complex image to life! Strongly recommended!


August 20 2018

Absolutely wonderful in every single way! Loved the process and final product, quick and easy to work with, friendly, and all around a great experience! Would recommend for anyone wanting any kind of fantasy art!


August 09 2018

Good quality, great to work with!


June 19 2018

A pleasure to work with. Very friendly and easy going, quick to make requested changes and quick to respond to messages. Very happy with the piece and would definitely recommend.


June 12 2018

The tits, the ass, THE TAIL!


May 30 2018

Stunning work

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