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Colored weapons/equipment of any kind
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One everlasting passion of mine is to create concept art for weapons and equipment of any kind, from swords to gauntlets and armor; mostly swords to be honest, but i accept anything!

You can propose an idea you have about it and we'll discuss about it. i usually do sketches, lineart with flat colors, lineart with shaded colors and realistic without lineart.
Consider me your blacksmith!

30$ is the base price for a single piece, a single painting/drawing with a balanced amount of details; price may rise depending on the requests, like more than one weapon/equipment asked, additional time consuming features or objects that require anatomy or particular compositions, like pauldrons, gloves/gauntlet or boots. If you also want a narrower deadline, that may also rise the cost.

client reviews


April 05 2022

Great to work with, can be a bit busy but when you are up on deck they are super responsive and helpful. Really liked working with them and wouldn't be adverse to using them in the future.


November 30 2021

Was fantastic to work with, willing to make adjustments as needed. Highly recommended!


September 02 2021

Beautiful work as always!


June 28 2021

The artist did an excellent job! They were clear about delays (I put in the request while they already had a big project), made changes and tweaks as needed when my ideas needed adjustment, and provided outstanding results. I'm glad I found them, and will be coming back if I need more like this!

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The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 49 clients thus far.