Digital sketch portrait
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Digital sketch portrait

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Hello! If you like what I'm doing and you want to have something drawn by me, just send me a message!
Tell me what I need to know about your character ^^ !
References, personality traits, pose, facial expression, background information !

I will do fanart, ocs, portraits!

NSFW commissions are accepted too!

Prices for this specific slot are as follows:

Portrait: $15

Waist up: $20

Full-body: $25
Flat colour: $5

The prices might fluctuate up to %40.

Have a nice day ! :)

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 54 clients thus far.

client reviews


October 18 2020

Fantastic turn around time and communication, along with excellent talent will order another soon


October 17 2020

Once again Liskana has exceeded my expectations! This artist deserves so much more than what I can give. They're patient with every change and the art is just beautiful! Highly recommended!


October 03 2020

Super nice and great to work with!


September 27 2020

The artist was an absolute dream to work with, and I couldn’t be happier with the result! Amazing job, and will 100% commission again.


September 20 2020

Liskana was really fast, and communicated clearly and consistently the entire way through.


September 04 2020

Liskana was willing to make changes to a pretty expansive piece and was always providing updates as they worked. The end piece was exactly what I had envisioned when I was looking for an artist. If you're looking for a great piece of art, look no further.


August 29 2020

Everything I could have ever asked for and more <3


August 07 2020

Exceptional work, can't reccomemd enough! Artist always delivers high quality work with excellent communication.


August 05 2020

My favorite artist ever. I absolutely love this artist!!!!


July 13 2020

Liskana has a very unique style, and I adored the piece I recieved. Affordable, polite, and quality work delivered in a speedy time with a pragmatic mindset.

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