Monochrome / Colored Bust up
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Monochrome / Colored Bust up

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I will draw a portrait of your character, suitable for those who wants to feature their character's expression more. :)
There are 3 types of coloring you can choose:

  • Monochrome: $15
  • Color type A : $23
  • Color type B : $23 [colored by winds66]

  • Detailed character/outfit/headwear: +$3

Canvas size: 2000x2000 px
Please give me picture references about specific expressions or poses you want if any. Or you may describe them in simple and understandable way. Don't forget to mention which type you wish to order as well.

Thanks in advance!

More sample:

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 127 clients thus far.

client reviews


November 08 2020



November 07 2020

Once again did a fantastic job, amazing art <3


November 05 2020

Aifu brings my dreams into reality. How they envision the scenario is beyond amazing. Will be back again and again and again.


November 02 2020

Their talent never ceases to amaze me, <3


October 12 2020

An absolute treat to work with! I'm so pleased with the results of my commission and I cannot express it in words how happy I am!


September 09 2020

Amazing artist, easy to work with, very responsive and understanding of adjustments. Could not be happier!!


September 05 2020

Amazing art as always from one of the best. Great communication, polite, kind and generous with their time. I feel spoiled whenever commissioning Aifu.


August 22 2020

Fantastic experience. Artist was honest about the time it would take, and the finished result was totally worth the wait! Very easy communication and receptive to alteration requests to ensure the final result was perfect. Highly recommend!


August 21 2020

One again, Aifu did amazing work! There really isn't anything I can say about them that I haven't said before. I simply cannot find the words to praise them enough! - Pick this artist here for your commissions, that's enough said. Aifu, thank you again! You're amazing.


August 19 2020

Fantastical artist. Worked twice with now, rocked it both times+

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