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[ Art student - ES/EN - She/Her]

Welcome to everyone!
I invite you to read the terms and conditions for better communication :)


I'll be opening slots for SKETCHY PORTRAITS and also, I'll add some slots for Sketchy portraits for $5. This will have the condition of no revisions included for a quickly deliver. Both of them will be avaiable on August 13th so you can check my profile for more information during this weekend! Feel free to send me a message if you have any question! Thanks

Latest commissions and samples:
Sketchy portrait
Sketchy bust-up
Bust up Illustration
Halfbody Illustration

Hello everyone!
Due to some recent inconveniences I want to make a friendly reminder about the jobs: I will only start those jobs that have been paid. I hope you understand! But although my intention is to fulfill all the jobs, many times I do not receive a response from the other side and I want to prioritize those clients who are responsible and give me their time. If you haven't received news about your order please consider this reason!
Sorry for the inconvenience! Thank you for being on the other side, I hope to continue bringing nice things for you!

Messages and whispers will be replied on weekends from now on.


  • Sketchy Portrait of your Character!
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  • Bust-up sketchy portrait
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  • Halfbody Character Illustration!
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    Closed 10

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