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Hello~! Welcome to my page~《《o(≧◇≦)o》》

I'm Nanda a.k.a. Celestial Commander. A Virtual Digital Artist, mainly I do Digital & Character Illustration, while also doing Animations, Rigging, Live2D, Backgrounds, and 2D Assets for games and other stuffs, since i'm also a gamer myself, despite being casual.. xD

I like to make any artworks as good and detailed as possible, since I consider that as a practice to keep honing my skills, other than only deliver best results to my client~ (/ω\)

I also open for project-related works alongside with special prices as well :3

On special occasions, i also offer commissions with discount

Feel free to whisper or messages me for any questions, even for mere talks and discussions (I'm also open for discussion whenever you want to make original character design as well)

All in all, Thank you for coming, wish you a wonderful day~! o(^∀ ^*)o

*Do note that It may take some time to completely finish a commission since I'm not using AI Tools in the process :)


  • Chibi Art-style!
  • 1/2 Body Character (+expression set)
  • Character Illustration (+expression set)
  • (Special event Discount) Chibi art-style
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  • Cel-Shade Chibi~!
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  • Animation
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