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Hello~! Welcome to my page~《《o(≧◇≦)o》》

I'm Nanda a.k.a. Celestial Commander. A Virtual Digital Artist, mainly I do Digital & Character Illustration, while also doing Animations, Rigging, Live2D, Backgrounds, and 2D Assets for games and other stuffs, since i'm also a gamer myself, despite being casual.. xD

I love to make any artworks as detailed and as good as possible, since I consider that as a practice to keep honing my skills, other than only deliver best results to my client~ (/ω\)

I also open for project-related works alongside with special prices as well :3

On special occasions, i also offer commissions with discount

Feel free to whisper or messages me for any questions, even for mere talks and discussions

All in all, Thank you for coming, wish you a wonderful day~! o(^∀ ^*)o

My other social media~

https://www.instagram.com/celestial_cmdr/ https://twitter.com/celestial_cmdr https://celestialcommander.wixsite.com/home/commission-info


  • Chibi Art-style!
  • 1/2 Body Character (+expression set)
  • Character Illustration (+expression set)
  • (Special event Discount) Chibi art-style
  • Cel-Shade Chibi~!
  • Animation Chibi
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