Emma Villamañe

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  • Argentina
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-I´m an Argentinian self thought and freelance artist and I want to start in the commissions business. I want this to become in my full time job, so I take it very responsibly.

-Soy un artista independiente y autodidacta argentino y quiero empezar en el negocio de las comisiones.Quiero que esto se convierta en mi trabajo de tiempo completo, así que lo tomo con mucha responsabilidad.

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Top Positive Review

Really good composition to their artwork, very responsive to all of your input with a great sense of vision to add into it to realize it better than your original design.

I was so very impressed, things I had not thought of were so easily added, details were considered, the artist is a dream to work with! The piece came out perfect, and I am so thrilled. Thank you! Patience and love make the best art, this guy has both in abundance! <3

So thankful for this artist, he has been just amazing and helpful and brilliant! A treat to work with!!

<3 <3 <3 Goes WAY above and beyond, three commissions and I will do more, I am so thankful to have found this artist, and if anyone has any wonder on if they have found the RIGHT person.. you have.. hands down, amazing. Thank you!

The piece looked like a classical painting, so beautiful and worth every cent! Seriously, commission this artist, he is simply a joy to work with and his final products are brilliant and heart warming. <3

Top Critical Review

Estimate on delivery was off by nearly 2 weeks (stated estimate in jobtype of under a week, written personal estimate from artist 2-3 week time frame, actual was nearly 5 weeks). Artist did not give updates at all on progress without being asked, and had to be prompted repeatedly for any progress to be shown days later. Additional money was charged for extra details requested that were not shown in the reference pictures, these details were ignored and not put in the work...but by then it had taken so much time it was not worth additional delay to try to get them for the quality delivered. Marked as complete, done but below expectations. TL:DR- Very poor communication, multiple missed promises on timing, charged extra for elements not included.

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