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A 28-year-old digital artist specializing in character illustration and character concept design. I typically enjoy drawing female characters, but I'm not opposed to male characters!


Can I repost commissioned work?

Yes as long as you not only keep my watermark, establish credits directly to me, and let me know so I can promote it!

Can I use my commissioned work for non-commercial purposes?

Yes as long as you follow the above terms regarding reposting.

Can I use my commissioned work for commercial purposes?

Only after coming to an agreement behind the scenes. If no agreement has been made, DO NOT use it for any commercial purposes.

Can you draw NSFW?

First, let me define NSFW regarding my own content. By NSFW, I mean images that are violent or sexual in nature, even including things like small amounts of blood or artistic nudity. As for if I can do it, I can but only if I'm comfortable with doing so. And I'll let you know up front if you ask for one.

How long do you take to complete artwork?

My current estimate without life getting in the way is about a week or 2. If you need something done fast, please notify me immediately upon contact, and I will try to get it done in the time frame given. I will also do frequent updates with the client.

How many characters are you willing to draw on one canvas?

I am currently willing to draw a max of 2 characters.

What should I provide in my request for you?

Please provide any visual references for the character, such as a character sheet, or visuals for hair, clothing, colors, etc. Please also provide any references for a pose or expression if you have any in mind!


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