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---------------------- PRICE ADJUSTMENT ------------------
After contemplating, reassessing life needs, and how the overall global economy affecting each individual, I decided to ADJUST my CURRENT COMMISSION PRICES. (after 4 years of being here)

ill be adding a $5-10 on each prices
( ex. old price $15 --> $25 new price)
also the SITE cuts a good chunk out of it, ;( not to mention the transfer money fee. lmao.

Hope you guys understand. Thank you so much for the support!

READ MY TERM OF POLICY. IF NEED FURTHER DETAILS WE CAN TALK ABOUT IT VIA WHISPER.. please be kind to everyone. if its not your day/night today please don't lash your anger on the artist. we both have different scenario/happenings everyday but lashing your anger on others isn't the solution. English is not my native language, if I misread or did not understand it properly, please guide/instruct me for the correct instruction.
ALWAYS BE KIND, please. Thank you!

I also have a ko-fi account if you want to support me q v q)/

Hi there!, name is Juri.
i mostly draw anime/manga style.
and i love to play games for cleansing of my soul. XD

I have a daytime job, so i'm sorry if i respond late to whispers or job slots and sometimes if the progress are slow. i dont want to rush art hope you guys understand!!

Ill do my best for you!


  • Colored sketch Full Body
  • Colored Sketch Half Body
  • Manga Sketch Half Body
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  • Genshin Impact Card
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  • Colored Sketch Character Sheet

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